Penman-Monteith Derivation

The goal of this post will be to derive the Penman-Monteith equation with isothermal radiation balance. We begin with an energy balance: (1)   Assuming that we can set to 0. We then develop equations for latent heat transfer using the Ohm’s law analog for latent heat transfer and the substitution , we get: (2) more »

Honduras Water Project

In March 2012, I was granted the opportunity to travel to Linaca, Honduras to teach school children about the operation of biosand filters. The goal of the course was to empower the students to lead the way to cleaner water by educating the community on how to use the filters. Since the children were already more »

Charlottesville Future Fund

In 2010, I had the opportunity to serve as Co-Chair of the Grants Committee within the Charlottesville Future Fund, a group of about 200 young professionals who aimed to make a different in their community. In my two years in the Charlottesville Future Fund we made donations to non-profits serving mostly minority inner-city students at more »

Blue Oak Ranch Reserve

I contributed to the deployment of hydrological monitoring via a wireless sensor network at UC’s Blue Oak Ranch Reserve (BORR). I have deployed monitoring sensors, communication nodes, TDRs, taken samples for isotopic analysis, and installed water level sensors in the wetlands on site. A component of this work has required laboratory analysis of the soils more »