Water scarcity in Bangalore, India

Urbanization has the capacity to permanently alter the hydrologic regime of its surrounding land. The water supply for Bangalore, India, has shifted from locally-sourced surface water to surface water imports and groundwater extractions. This change water largely driven by reductions in surface water supply and storage within the Arkavathy catchment which encompasses the western portion more »

Urban modification of water and energy balances

It is well-documented that urbanization results in significant hydrologic modification of urban catchments. Impervious surfaces (e.g., pavement, rooftops) lead to increased surface runoff, and artificial channels (e.g., storm drains) advect runoff quickly to stream channels. While we know that urbanization significantly alters the movement of water through the catchment, there is still a need to more »

Urban expansion and mitigation in Quito, Ecuador

Quito faces a number of environmental challenges including land degradation, flooding, and water quality concerns. The greater area is faced with soil degradation due to erosion in agricultural and grazing areas. My work focused on understanding the partitioning of water at the land surface and effects of changing land use on surface runoff which is more »

Blue Oak Ranch Reserve

I contributed to the deployment of hydrological monitoring via a wireless sensor network at UC’s Blue Oak Ranch Reserve (BORR). I have deployed monitoring sensors, communication nodes, TDRs, taken samples for isotopic analysis, and installed water level sensors in the wetlands on site. A component of this work has required laboratory analysis of the soils more »