Quito faces a number of environmental challenges including land degradation, flooding, and water quality concerns. The greater area is faced with soil degradation due to erosion in agricultural and grazing areas. My work focused on understanding the partitioning of water at the land surface and effects of changing land use on surface runoff which is the main cause of irrigation. In 2013, I received a Tinker Summer Field Research Grant to travel to Ecuador. That summer I traveled to Quito with an undergraduate student in Forestry at UC Berkeley. Our analysis focused on two areas within the region: Tierras Altas de la Ortega and the Tababela region, where a new airport was built in February 2013. We estimated saturated hydraulic conductivity for a number of soil and land cover types, finding that surface runoff is fairly sensitive to land use. The steep hillslopes exhibit considerable soil erosion and pose a risk to the agricultural health of these watersheds.